Bria Gray

Corporate Interiors

Bria has always been drawn to the outdoors. Living on Vancouver Island, with endless forests and a stunning coastline, gives her the inspiration to create beautiful spaces for her clients. Whether she’s converting a heritage building into a contemporary office space, or implementing a modular partition solution, she strives to lead projects through a collaborative contextual approach that has a positive impact on people.

She came to construction working as an office manager, and quickly grew to love the industry, the people and the challenges which is why she made the switch to project management. One of the most important lessons she’s learned in her career so far is –relationships matter. Taking the time to get to know her clients, consultants and tradespeople builds the foundation of trust and confidence to get through the obstacles that interior renovations often face.

Bria is constantly striving to improve how we do things. She takes pride in finding effective ways to work in occupied buildings that cause as little impact to the occupants as possible. She loves learning about new ideas around sound mitigation and modular solutions in the workplace and sharing her knowledge with clients and peers. She finds her greatest accomplishments are when she is able to build an environment that inspires her clients and improves their quality of life.