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Anthony Minniti

VP of Operations
Healthcare & Entertainment Specialist

Growing up in Sudbury, Anthony always appreciated the big impact of small gestures on a community. Whether it’s the simple greeting of a neighbor, or putting in an extra hour to help a colleague, people doing things for one another inspires him. Anthony began his career as an Architect, driven to create logical solutions and inspiring spaces for people. His early path was rich with diverse experiences – Hospitals, Banks, Casinos, Universities, Libraries – which gave him a rich appreciation for the varied needs of communities.

Since 2008 Anthony has led our Victoria office and been instrumental in our technological transformation towards a digital age. He strives to create a free-flowing environment on projects where people are constantly exploring ideas that add value to our clients. Steadfast in his commitment to putting clients at the heart of everything we do, as a builder Anthony returns to his roots and the art of small gestures, with an attention to details.

Giving back to the community is important to Anthony. He served on the board of Vancouver Island Construction Association, Saanich Foundation, Construction Foundation BC, Cordova Bay Association, and is currently serving on the BC Construction Association and St. Margaret’s School Board of Governors.

When Anthony is not working, he enjoys spending time with his partner Anahita and their two energetic girls.