Mike Benallick

Community Centres + Recreation

Hauled off to work by his father, Mike and his 3 brothers joined him as unionized carpenters, a family tradition now passed down to Mike’s son. Construction is in his blood, but family is what he works for. He is inspired by the hard work of his children, which motivates him to work harder every day.

Ever since he first set foot on a job site, Mike has understood his family values of honesty, integrity and, most of all, modesty is the foundation of all good builders. Intrigued by the way buildings transform communities, and the rich layers of history found in their bones, Mike has witnessed firsthand echoes of the past when he uncovered his grandfather’s engravings on foundation walls he built as a stone mason more than 100 years ago. It is experiences like these that solidify in him a belief in the value of restorative building and the lasting impact of new builds.

Mike has built landmarks in Toronto, contributing Community Centres, Museums, Universities, Office buildings, Olympic facilities, and a myriad of civic projects to our community. An avid sportsman, when Mike is not working, he enjoys time with his family in the outdoors.