Phil Bartel

Preconstruction Services

For over 30 years Phil has helped deliver some of the GTA’s most recognizable landmarks. The cache of those experiences induce in him an appreciation for the contributions of everyone towards the elaborate fabric of every build. Today, he leverages those experiences to help clients, trades, and consultants focus on priorities and overcome new challenges every day.

Phil caught the construction bug early, his father being a master carpenter, he was awed by the power of two hands to create places where families, businesses, and communities are built. While recognizing trends towards convergence, his own experience blends the varied segments of the industry into an ethos that supports good ideas from anywhere, and anyone. Phil continues to be inspired by the talents and curiosity of the next generation of builders as they develop their own legacies, and encourages them to anticipate the fluid movements of construction with practical responses to complex issues.

Phil is a student of photography, fascinated by perspective and guided by the need to step back once in a while and appreciate the little things that make life and our environment a joy to behold.