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Nimer Sabboubeh, Estimator

Being committed to one-another is what makes a team work, a company work, a community work. If we start every project knowing we’re in this together, success takes care of itself.

CGI is committed to doing good things for our community. We know we don’t do it alone. We work with qualified suppliers and subcontractors who commit to safely delivering quality work to our clients. Our priority is the relationships we build over many projects, over many years, and the achievements we create for our clients by being successful together.

Working with CGI

While every project is different, you should expect consistency when dealing with a general contractor. We continually work at improving our methods of collaborating with trades, and are committed to supporting trades both on projects and over the long term.

CGI freely offers Procore to our subcontractors on all of our projects. The platform allows us to work collaboratively, invoice promptly, and save time and money.

At CGI the lowest qualified bidder gets the job. Period. If you’re on the bid, it’s because we are confident you can do the work. We don’t accept bids from trades we haven’t qualified, no matter the price. With CGI you will only be competing against peers, trades who can meet the high standards we expect from everyone.

How we help trades be successful

Signing a contract with CGI does not mean ‘everything is now your problem’. While risks and costs and terms are defined, we still have a lot of grey matter between our ears that we’re going to share. If we can find a better way to do something, we’ll do it. If we can buy something for a better price than you, we’ll buy it. When another trade isn’t performing, our job is to get them going, not only for our benefit, but for yours. We know what it does to you when you can’t work efficiently. At CGI, our goal is to help everyone be successful.

Meet Nimer.

Nimer continued a family tradition in construction and engineering. He started his Civil Engineering training in Palestine and his work took him to Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Northern Ontario. This diverse experience fostered an enthusiasm for process, elegant communication of numbers through spreadsheets and an appreciation for a paperless workplace. 

His focus over the last 5+ years has been estimating. He can be counted on as the calm within the storm of prices, numbers and phone calls on closing days. Owners, designers and CGI staff have grown accustomed to his thorough study of projects – from the site visit through to the construction documents. His curiosity and varied experience propels him to ask questions, and allows him to provide practical solutions to complex problems. Nimer happily accepts the responsibility to coach and mentor our trainees and interns.